Is Snoring During Pregnancy Harmful?

Being pregnant can cause a lot of emotional and physical changes in a women's body. Estrogen takes over as the dominant hormone in the body during this exciting time of changes. If is very common for pregnant women to begin snoring when they are pregnant due to weight gain causing changes in their body. You will commonly see that snoring pops up in pregnant women during the last 4-5 weeks of pregnancy. It is during this time period that many pregnant find it comfortable to sleep in different positions. This can stop the snoring and often the baby from pressing uncomfortably on their body.

While snoring during being pregnant is quite normal if it seems to be excessive it can be an indicator of sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can cause pauses in breathing for about ten seconds at a time. This can cause both the mother and child to become deprived of oxygen. If sleep apnea where to continue untreated then it can often develop into preeclampsia which is a condition often associated with high blood pressure and swelling.

If you are afflicted by sleep apnea it can cause the proper growth of your fetus to be deterred and it will occasionally cause your fetus to pass away. If you notice any level of snoring during your pregnancy you need to see a doctor as it can end up being devastating. It has been shown that it is common of mothers that snore to be of lower birth weight then normal. Although all of the direct causes of preeclampsia have yet to be proven there has been a definite link between preeclampsia, snoring and low birth weight.