Am I Pregnant? Early Signs for Pregnancy

If you are completely aware of the early signs of pregnancy it can be helpful in several ways. Once you are able to recognize the earliest signs of being pregnant you can start planning out the next very important nine months of your life. The following is some of the most early and evident signals that you are indeed expecting.

Emotional and Physical Signs

A missed period is the most common sign pointing to a potential pregnancy. A lighter flow during your period the normal can also point to a pregnancy.

Suffering from nausea which is also commonly reoffered to as morning sickness is an early pregnancy sign exhibited by over 50% of women who are pregnant. Even though this ailment is referred to as morning sickness it can occur at any time of the night or day. This can also unfortunately be accompanied by constipation which is a result of hormonal changes.

Lower back pain can be an early sign that you are pregnant. You would be experiencing lower back pain due to several factors including increased weight gain, chemical changes and changes in your body's alignment.

Experiencing breast and nipple tenderness is another extremely common early indicator of pregnancy. Additionally you may notice that the area around your nipples has changed color about a week or so after becoming pregnant.

Finding that you are needing to go to the bathroom more then you usually do during the day can be a sign of pregnancy. Women feel the need to use the bathroom more because their kidneys are needing to work harder to keep up with the extra fluids being generated by the body.

Being overly tired is another early sign of being pregnant. This of course is due to hormonal changes in the body. For many women they find that later on in pregnancy that they have another hormone shift and beginning to feel like they have more energy then before.

Confirmation of the Early Signs

As soon as you have experienced any signs that could be early signs of pregnancy you should seriously consider making an appointment with your healthcare professional. If you still want a little extra reassurance before you visit your doctor you can take a pregnancy test. It will have a small strip that will indicate a positive or negative pregnancy a set amount of time after being urinated upon.